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Inspiration and specific advice

Whenever I come across anecdotes, perspectives and the achievements of people like Richard Feynman, Leonardo Da Vinci, Elon Musk, etc, almost none of what I take away are things I can apply directly to my own life. I can't start doing things the way that any of these people do thinking that that will lead to similar results for me.

These people merely provide inspiration. Proof that dedicated effort, comparable habits, favourable circumstances and a certain perspective on life and the world around us will lead to the kind of success that we can be proud of.

However, a lot of people confuse this with specific advice and tend to do exactly what some of these successful people are known to do / have done.

In order to get specific advice, we should look at a different kind of people. Ones who are just a handful of steps ahead of us and have gotten there from similar circumstances as we find ourselves in. What these people did to get to where they are is what we can directly and immediately apply to our own lives and see the results we expect.

A lot of what is out there today is not specific advice. It is merely inspiration. In order to get specific advice, we need to identify the right people to get it from as well as ask them very specific questions to uncover what is relevant to us. 

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