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Limited space

When I look through my closet, I can find things that I own but haven't used in over six months, or sometimes even a year. Often, when I come across such a something, I just throw it out. But, I know many people that don't throw it out.

It is a natural tendency to hold on. After all, it doesn't hurt us to have something extra even if it is quite useless, right? If we ever do have a need for it, it is available to us, rather than having to figure out how to obtain it at that point.

This works with physical space where we can simply put in storage the things we don't really need and still hold on to it. Because our physical space is practically infinite. Although, I have strong reservations about doing that as maintaining that physical space is one hassle and the mental attachments that we can potentially form with these possessions is another hassle. But, that's for another day.

When it comes to temporal space, we only have a limited twenty four hours a day. Which makes it impossible to hold on to practices that aren't absolutely useful. My daily habits include writing a blog post, reading and going to the gym (apart from essentials like lunch and sleep). However, I cannot easily add on more daily practices. As the more I add on, the less time I have and I'll reach a point where I can only replace (that is, take something out in order to add something new).

So, the constraint of twenty four hours forces us to be deliberate and choose what we want to hold on to and what we want to take on.

How would your closet look if you had constraints on your physical space too?

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