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Optimism and Pessimism

Is it always good to be optimistic? After all, optimism gives us confidence and hope and can prevent us from shying away from things we ought to pursue. If we aren't optimistic that an action we are taking will bring about the desired consequences, then we will only do it half-heartedly and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the same time, being pessimistic has it's positives as well. It drives us to put in that extra bit of effort to overcome the pitfalls of over-confidence. And it drives us to be more aware of the hurdles that we will come across and enable us to overcome them effectively.

So, what should we be? Optimistic or pessimistic.

Obviously, it depends on the situation. These are two tools in our arsenal that we can use to drive the results that we want.

If being optimistic makes you relaxed, lazy and lethargic, then don't be optimistic. However, if being pessimistic makes you panic and increases your anxiety, then don't be pessimistic.

Learn to use the two tools wisely.

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