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Getting back on track

When we sit down to meditate and close our eyes, we are trying to sit back and disengage from our thoughts. We intend to simply observe our thoughts as they come up out of nowhere and then fade into nothingness, never engaging with them.

This, of course, is an incredibly hard thing to do. So, naturally, we engage with some of the thoughts that pop up in our heads. However, the essence of meditation is in realizing when that happens and then pulling ourselves back and letting the thought make its course.

In that sense, meditation is all about constantly getting back on track.

When we look at how our days are, we have a plan for how we spend it and we want to stick to it. But, just like our thoughts, interruptions and distractions keep coming our way all the time - through Slack, through notifications on our phone, through something we see on a website, through someone initiating a conversation, and so on.

And just like meditation, we need to realize when we are veering off track, disengage and get back on the track we want to be on.

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